Is your resilience being challenged?

Our resilience is being challenged right now, on so many levels. Whether you are working remotely full-time and trying to juggle family demands, finding yourself unemployed, struggling with what’s happening across the county or laboring to rebuild your company or business, being resilient is critical.

But how do you build resilience? As you go through a change like what we are experiencing now, be open and curious about what matters in the moment, then move forward with a growth mindset. If you’d like to talk this through, reach out anytime.

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Mary Jo


The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.

Paulo Coelho

Worth the Share

I work with a lot of professionals in career transition, (and offer a video course by that name). This article from Fast Company got my attention because it includes really good interview questions that speak to specific traits needed to work remotely such as self-motivation and initiative. Even if you are not actively interviewing or interviewing others, there are thoughtful insights for all of us to glean from the questions.

I’m breaking my own rule about one article per ezine because this article from HBR talks about the importance of imagination during these times, with seven helpful steps. My favorites are “#3 Allow yourself to be playful”, and “#7 Stay hopeful.” Read on…. 

And Finally...

Work from developmental psychologist, Emmy E. Werner, tells us that those who are most resilient:

  • are problem solvers
  • have had good role models
  • thrive on helping others
  • are strong communicators

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