Think about the word STRENGTHS

Think about the word STRENGTHS. What does that mean to you? What are your strengths? Lean into them, especially during these challenging days, to be your best, authentic self. One of my strengths is being a positive person. Always being on the lookout for the upside helps me as an executive coach, and I think that it is really helpful right now too!

Be safe,

Mary Jo


“There are two kinds of opportunities:
ones which we chance upon and the other which we create.”

Ruth Benedict

Worth the Share

Get comfortable with ambiguity, don’t play into the fear, and communicate consistently are just some of my key takeaways from this article in Fast Company. It has a lot of solid advice from truly great leaders in history.

Any Finally...

Last week, I had the privilege of presenting a session on Occupational Wellness for Camp Southern Ground alumni who are military veterans. What struck me, when we talked about their favorite jobs, was their passion for giving back, mentoring, leading, and teaching. When we give to others, we get so much in return!

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